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Default Moab Turkey Day - lessons learned

1. Kane Creek was fun.
2. Allen head drain plugs are going on soon. (I lost t-case oil on the drive back from Kane Creek)
3. Skid plate is going to be beefed up.
4. Just because I have a winch doesn't give me a right to be on trails I shouldn't be on (broke my rear pinion on Cliffhanger, went down the entrance, turned around and tried to get back out, so was right by the road).
5. Dual batteries are coming soon (battery died while winching but was by then close enough to strap).
6. Sometimes one extra truck isn't enough (needed two to yank the strap once my winch died).
7. Bigger tires recommended (I didn't break because of throttle usage, I broke because I got a little off on my line so when I backed off the ledge I landed on my pinion).
8. Land Cruisers are great! We were able to swap 3rd members in 6 hours and drive home in 2wd, whereas a Y**P would have needed a tow truck and needed the gears reset etc. (at least on my buddies D44 setup).

Still kinda put a hamper in the weekend, but a good learning experience nonetheless. Now I have to consider whether:

a) I am ready to go down the slippery slope of bigger and (maybe) better, or:

b) keep what I have and stay on trails that my rig can handle. And:
b.1) if I do that, do I buy a beater 40 for the harder trails that I can do some mods on? What I would need is something with a frame, body, 2F, no axles (or set up for spring over and I can adjust later), no tranny or t-case.

Time to start thinking...I think I need to be in a house for any of this to really start happening so it's not anytime soon, but I'm going to work out a budget and see what I come up with...
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