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Default Jenny Creek is looking good.

Ran Jenny with a few folks from YotaTech, on Sunday. We ran it "backwards" from Chuck Wells's book (bottum up).

The trail's in good shape, and everybody was playing nice. When we got to the top, there were no idiots in the mud-bog, so I didn't have to have stern words with anybody!

Of course, running tail-gunner for a bunch of 4Runners, and a Taco, I was able to run through all the obstacles where they had problems because of their huge width, and extreme length (compared to the Gnewt!)

Oh, and it "appears" that the trail over Corona Pass (the Boulder Stage Route) which starts at the top of Jenny, is open and in heavy use - again. No telling if that's going to stay that way until the snows close it (which could be any time now) or not.

Here's the trip report with photos:
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