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Default While you suckers were working....

was enjoying a week out in the desert. Things didn't go as originally planned for the trip, but it didn't bother me. First two nights I camped at Goblin Valley. Other than the wind at night, was enjoyable. The third night I camped in the San Rafael, near the intersection for Buckhorn wash and Mexican Mountain. Was no body out there . Next morning I woke up drove down the Mexican Mountain rd to watch the sunrise. Then packed up(i'm getting good at packing up that micro fast tent), meandered my way through Buckhorn wash. After that, thought i'd go check out the Cleveland Dinosaur Quarry, all the way out there only to find out it was closed. Oh well. From there I headed north to CastleGate, the site of the Castle Gate Robbery by Butch, Elza Lay and Bob Meeks. Stayed a night in Price.
Wed, I spent some time around the Wedge overlook. Then followed the back road to U.S 6. Followed along the frontage rd for some time before getting on the highway. Think i'm starting to like those frontage rd's more. Just got to watch out for the big ass potholes Spent that night in Green River(there was a big, slow moving storm coming over the swell figured i'd hold out and see what it did). Woke up the next morning to find a few inches of fresh snow. I was to meet Red Fox in Moab that afternoon. I headed south, stopping at Dead Horse Point in the morning. The fresh snow only added to the amazing views of the area. Some parts you are right on the edge, looking down 2000 ft to the mighty Colorado.
Late that afternoon I meet up with Red Fox at city market. We headed just outside of town and camped along the Colorado. Friday morning we were treated to Blue Skies. The sun finally reached camp as we were leaving. In the morning we explored Chicken Corners. A easy trail that starts just after Hurrah Pass. The trail meanders it's way in and out of the washes, slowly working it's way closer to the Colorado, providing awesome views of the area. The trail put's you close to the edge looking down on the river, but nothing bad. It ends at a short hiking trail. The trails about a few hundred feet, follows along the edge of the cliff looking down the river some thousand feet below.
That afternoon, we stopped at the campground before heading back home. By the time we reached Vail, Red Fox was running funny. Then on the way out after we stopped at Safeway, the truck wouldn't move . Thinking maybe it was a throwout bearing gone bad....... I'll post a few pics, but plan on doing a write up for TT.
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