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Default Trails and ratings

I don't know if it's somewhere else on our site here, but I ended up going to the Jan/Feb 2007 issue of TT to find trail descriptions and ratings, and thought it might be a good idea to have a list of what trails are planned on being a part of Cruise Moab and what their ratings are, so guys with borderline trucks like mine can prepare a little bit before registering...

I don't know if this is the appropriate place or if it could/should be a sticky or what Wes wants...but I guess I'll start the list...

3 - Stock
Possible scratches

3+ - Stock Plus
Experienced Driver
31"+ tires, damage possible

4 - Modified
All of above, plus
1 full diff lock recommended

4+ - Hardcore
Experienced driver only
33" or taller tires
1 full diff lock required
Winch recommended
Damage likely

5 - Extreme
All of above, plus
2 full diff locks required

Pritchett Canyon - 5
Behind the Rocks - 4+
Golden Spike - 4+
Moab Rim - 4+
Cliff Hanger - 4
Hell's Revenge - 4
Kane Creek Canyon - 4
Metal Masher - 4
Poison Spider Mesa - 4
Steel Bender - 4
Elephant Hill - 3+
Fins & Things - 3+
Gold Bar Rim - 3+
Wipe-Out Hill - 3+
Porcupine Rim - 3
Chicken Corners - 2
Overnight Run - 3+
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