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I'm in for the whole deal. No fun being a fan if you don't get your hopes up expecting a super bowl every year!

I think Mr. Anderson is the real deal, he put is stamp on the starting spot for sure. I loved TD, but on that 90+ yard run TD gets tackled on the 15. I thought Bell would get the starting slot until that play.

Plummer's the real deal when he keeps his head. Third year in the system, it's either make it all the way this year, or hit the road. I predict we see more passes like his 40yrd strike to Ashley, less left handed flips to the defense this year.

As for the defense, no excuses. There's no lack of talent, so if they can't keep the other teams offense at least one point behind ours all year, then I'll blame it all on Champ.

I predict 12-4, and if their playoff games are on grass, or better yet at home, it's SuperBowl Time!
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