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Default gearing??'s

Hey all!

I need to start looking into re-gearing my wagon for the hills you guys have otu there

Currently I'm running 35" BFG MT's with 4.11 gears. I enjoy the overdrive that I get on the flat land out here, but I doubt I will like it much when I'm driving up and down Ute Pass (Woodland Park to Colo Spngs) every day. I don't plan on DDing it forever, but it's going to have to get me around until I can pick something else up.

So my big question is do I go with 4.56's or 4.88's.

I would like to go 4.88 but I'm concerned what it will do to my top end speed. It will still have to get me to the trail and back. But then again if I go 4.88's and I go up in tire size later on I will probably wish I had done 4.88's.

Any opinions?
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