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Talking Keep the banter mild, folks.

Hey, way to go! You are already through half of the exam with knowing the correct phonetic alphabet! Just finish it! See, the class already is working!

However, I stray slightly from the "official ITU phonetic alphabet" characters, and it is Whiskey Zero, Item-Item Nancy. Originally my grandfathers callsign(now silent-key), and also how he gave the callsign on the air.

Originally Posted by Uncle Ben View Post
Yes, then you too can be all stiff and nerd like when you call up Whiskey Zero India India November! Or you could just keep the CB and talk to the rest of us like normal and without the top button on the shirt fastened!

"CQ......this is Uncle November Charlie Bravo Echo November seeking Kilo Charlie Zero Zebra Alpha Foxtrot........I was going to tell you to watch out for that rock about to puncture your gas tank but it's too late.....Uncle November Charlie Bravo Echo November clear"
K, it is too bad you are purveying Ross' argument against CB by further radicating the idea that everyone who wants to stay CB is a foul-mouthed hooligan who cares less about his buddy decapitating himself on the obstacles than he does in hearing the sound of his own voice.
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