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Originally Posted by Groucho View Post
Hey, way to go! You are already through half of the exam with knowing the correct phonetic alphabet! Just finish it! See, the class already is working!

However, I stray slightly from the "official ITU phonetic alphabet" characters, and it is Whiskey Zero, Item-Item Nancy. Originally my grandfathers callsign(now silent-key), and also how he gave the callsign on the air.

K, it is too bad you are purveying Ross' argument against CB by further radicating the idea that everyone who wants to stay CB is a foul-mouthed hooligan who cares less about his buddy decapitating himself on the obstacles than he does in hearing the sound of his own voice.
Ouch....wheres the love man?
Preaching about the need to throw down a wad of cash and "upgrade" to better communication seems like telling someone to throw in a locker instead of replacing their bald tires! I agree about having better communication possibilities in the runs but there are still folks out there with no radio at all. "Tossing out your CB's" seems like a boisterous statement defending your desire to be the king of the airwaves! It creates the same communication loss into the run as no radio at all! Maybe instead of focusing so much energy on talking to other time zones you should come back to earth and focus on how can you communicate to others that are less than a mile from you!
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Welcome. Lots of "northsiders" here in the club. We're known to have some of the strongest, coolest and most awesome club members.
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Cruisers are superior

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