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Originally Posted by Romer View Post
Last Summer, Hatfield called me on the Ham from Jenny Creek because they had not met up with the 9news gal. I was in Golden so I then called her Cell and she followed me up.

On the way to Moab last year, I was talking with Ben in Golden and Nathanial in Vail while I was passing through Grand Junction and also talking to Convert who was about 10 miles ahead of me. It was Cool.

CQ......this is Uncle November Charlie Bravo Echo November I'm in the squeeze at Chinamons and just broke an axle.

Uncle Ben, this is X in Denver, we will run over to Slee and get you one and run it up to Chinamons.

X this is Uncle Ben, can you bring a pepporoni pizza and some Garlic bread while your coming
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CM07 on a pre run of Cliff Hanger I called for parts via ham to the slickrock base station and got parts rounded up for Treeroot so he could repair his front end for the next day.Ham radio has a lot of advantages and some cost but I am not disappointed that I spent the time, money or effort to get licensed and install a ham radio. I have both CB and Ham radio's in the 80 and will probably do the same if I was to build another rig. That's my 2cents worth
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