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Originally Posted by leiniesred View Post
My CB is also a compass, and weather radio.

Is there be a cheap ham/CB radio/compass/weather radio? What's the difference in hardware between a HAM radio and a CB radio?

Should I hold out a little longer with just a CB until we are all talking via bluetooth headsets linked to a satelite based VOIP system?
Dunno about a compass, I just carry one of those. But just about every single 2 meter ham radio can receive the weather bands. There's only 9 frequencies and the one in Denver is 162.550 MHz. Beyond, most radios made in the last decade or so will do what's call wide band receive, which means they can pick up frequencies way beyond where they can transmit. The radio I have is sort of lower middle quality and can receive aircraft bands, weather, commercial, public safety (even hear the National Park Service, BLM and USFS radios), FRS, GMRS. I can only transmit on the ham bands, but I can listen to just about every radio that transmits from 108MHz to 999MHz (with a handful of off limit bands, like cell phones).

Ask the people down in New Orleans how counting on stuff like VoIP and cell phones worked out. Only the ham guys were getting messages in and out...
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