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Originally Posted by leiniesred View Post
My CB is also a compass, and weather radio.

Is there a cheap ham/CB radio/compass/weather radio? What's the difference in hardware between a HAM radio and a CB radio? CB radio is rigidly regulated by the FCC in what can be part of a CB transciever. They have a limit of 5 watts. They can utilize primarily the following modes:AM, USB or LSB. HAM will be superior technology and all modes avaialble.

Amateur Radio Service is more centered around the tinkering and experimental, so less regulation on equipment is present. Power is limited to 1500 watts, and RF exposure levels can be things of debate as well as show stoppers. Those are primarily for safety.

Should I hold out a little longer with just a CB until we are all talking via bluetooth headsets linked to a satelite based VOIP system? Yaesu makes a dual bander that is bluetooth compatible. Many repeaters today use VOIP in the form of either Echolink or IRLP(Internet Radio Linking Project). That means that anyone who can befirend a member of a VOIP node can talk to austrailia if they want to, with the same radio as we're talking about putting in the trucks.

Isn't the internet based on packet radio technology anyway?Yes. Email primarily. Cell Phone technology can be traced back to Amateur tinkering as well.
Originally Posted by Red_Chili View Post
One of ham's limitations seems to me to be one of its strengths: the signal travels a LONG way. A CB signal stays pretty much within the group. Unless I am missing something, which seems likely since I know nothing about ham really.
Both are exactly the same in how they work. CB is limited due to its frequency in relation to the size of antennas commonly used. For a more efficient setup, the antenna should be upwards of 120" for a vertical(whip). That is primarily why CB is limited in its distance. VHF(2M) Ranges from 30 to 100 miles depending on terrain and atmospherical conditions. Both CB and HAM distances are directly related between wavelength and frequency. This relation, mixed with the antenna setup is what gives each their limitations in terms of distance between stations.

Originally Posted by DaveInDenver View Post
Just thinking about 2009 when the old way of TV will stop working. I dunno, it's possible I'm the only goofball still using rabbit ears, but I won't have a choice when the old FM transmitters are turned off and digital TV is the only option. I figure it's like that with hams in 4WD trucks. Personally I think GMRS makes the most sense, but it seems ham has sort of become the next thing, which is fine.
I just got done installing an Air antenna in the attic. Not rabbit ears, but it shows you where you stand when everybody is talking about their MTV Road Rules Survivor Challenge. I did hear that those of us who have non-HD reciever ready TVs will get coupons toward buying a converter box in 2009 to offset the expense. This is so that the Gubment can justify taking away a technology and replacing it with another.
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