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Originally Posted by Red_Chili View Post
Yabut, don't things get cluttered with a bunch of 4x4 groups doing their inane chatting on the trail and somebody across town trying to use the same frequency gets irritated? CBs fall off pretty quickly, keeping things more private and less intrusive in such a situation, no?
That's why you have so many channels, and also why you limit your transmit power to the lowest necessary to still communicate. There's a National calling frequency for simplex (146.520) that is similar to CB's channel 19... there are the repeaters around town that are more popular and allow you to talk across town & beyond, and there are the repeaters that are tied into the Colorado network that allow you to talk across the state, especially on the I-70 corridor.

When on the trail, we wouldn't use any of these. The "official" Rising Sun simplex frequency is 146.460, which we borrowed from the Norcal80's guys. But if that channel was busy for some reason, no reason for the group to not pop up to 146.475, or 146.490, or whatever until we didn't run into anyone. It's going to be fun at the Rubithon this summer on 2m, since Norcal will no doubt be on 146.460, RS will be on another frequency, another group on another, etc. We'll be talking back & forth among groups all day, even when miles apart.
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