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Originally Posted by Red_Chili View Post
Yabut, don't things get cluttered with a bunch of 4x4 groups doing their inane chatting on the trail and somebody across town trying to use the same frequency gets irritated? CBs fall off pretty quickly, keeping things more private and less intrusive in such a situation, no?
1)go QRP, decrease your power to the min required to keep contact. When Groucho and I went to Mt. Bross we were talking between trucks with as little as 1 watt and still had better performance than CB but weren't bothering any one else on freq (at least until we got above tree line)

2)Attenuate incoming signals, tighten up your RF gain. Essentially you are DECREASING your radio's receiving distance. Some radios have this option some don't.

3)CTSS, Continuous Tone Squelching System. Basically a sub-audible tone that is sent with YOUR signal. I set MY radio to only accept transmissions that contain the tone (and visa-versa)

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