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Hum, I've been thinking about it the last few days. And the comments Hulk made about it being the only way to communicate to the rear on some of his trail runs and all the other advantages of having one on runs rings home. I would like another nice tool in my 4x4 toolbox.

Now I admit I usually don't have a problem talking to others on runs as long as people cb's are working correctly. But, that's not always the case and there are always late comers and people trying to find the group and such. Understanding that so many Rising Sun guy's have these things also encourages it's use. So it sounds like a nice upgrade to a trail leaders communication package and an advanced tool for an advanced trail leader. Sign me up for the class. I'm going' for it.

I'll buck up and find a place for another radio and antenna I guess. I plan on just spending effort on getting certified and the radio and antenna installed. But, I also don't want another hobby so you will probably just hear me on runs.

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