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Originally Posted by Rzeppa
Indeed, the 84 is a much better unit. Fully electronic, completely waterproof, wonder bearings. Note that it will have two different vacuum advances, a big one for your main advance, and a lesser one for HAC. Note also, that due to it's large diameter, you will need to use the side cover from the FJ60 2F, it has an indent in it to clear the distributor cap. Oh, one last thing - since it's fully electronic you will need to use the ignitor from the 60.

I used to have one on the old engine in my pig, but didn't change that when I swapped it. I thought I read to could "massage" that side cover to make it fit without having to take that side cover off.

I do have the coil/ingnitor setup for it as well.

I will also be swapping to TBI, I wonder where the heck the advance vaccuum will now plug into?

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