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Yes, that looks just like the one in my 78.

I've been toying with the idea of the megasquirt/4.3 TBI conversion on an F - my 71, so I'm semi-familiar with some of the issues. I seem to recall the megasquirt doesn't control spark, only fuel, so you still have to figure out the ignition control.

The electronic Toyota distributors which are designed for carbs want to see "ported" vacuum, which is a vacuum port located just above the primary throttle plate. At idle, there's almost no vacuum so no vacuum advance. As soon as you start to open the throttle it sees full manifold vacuum so you get a lot of advance right when you need it. Gives very nice response right off idle. You don't want manifold vacuum because that would be way too much advance at idle and you'd have to back way off the static advance to where there wouldn't be enough advance during acceleration.
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