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Originally Posted by Inukshuk View Post
I have been a member for years. They never called in the last storm. Dispatch has been a weakness.

Did you call them and let them know that you were available? If not you need to do so. When there is a minor storm they use the people that call first, if it is real bad they go to their lists.

I signed up a while ago but they have only called once. Seems that living in Roxborough is a negative as I have to drive to far to get to most people. I know we have a ton of integral people that live here that needed rides. The other thing is that we are Douglas county, sort of on our own.

Anyway read the below section, it explains all their rules etc.

Instructions for Jeffco and FEAT Colorado Springs will be similar to these for FEAT Denver.

FEAT will only be activated when the Denver Office of Emergency Management has been activated. Listen to the radio or TV for announcements that the Denver Office of Emergency Management is under a snow or other emergency. If FEAT is activated, and you are available to furnish emergency transportation please do the following:

Check your vehicle to make sure it is in good condition and has sufficient fuel to complete assignments.

Call FEAT at 720-865-7620 or 7621 to let the dispatcher know that you are available. The FEAT number is only answered during emergencies. Please do not give this number to anyone except FEAT volunteers. Remember to call each time we have a storm or other emergency. You will usually not be called by FEAT unless we are requested to go on a search and rescue mission.

When you call FEAT, please let the dispatcher know when and where you will be available and phone numbers where you can be reached. As rides are requested, dispatch will call you back with the name, phone number and address of the rider. You will then call the rider back to make arrangements where and when to meet.

Do not ask for or accept payment when offered. If payment is offered, give your rider a FEAT identification card which has been supplied and signed by you. Donations are accepted for FEAT, but not solicited. After you have delivered your rider, please call dispatch again as soon as you are available. Let dispatch know that you are safe and ready to pick up another assignment.

FEAT has standing requests from some hospitals to work directly with their staff. If you would like to volunteer for this work, please let dispatch know when you call in and they will give you the name and number of a coordinator.

If you have any problems with any assignment or rider, please let dispatcher know immediately. For future reference a record of each riderís name and address and the name of the volunteer providing transportation is maintained.

Please keep a record of your time and miles driven as a volunteer for FEAT on the form provided. It is needed by FEAT and the city to show total number of hours spent by volunteers. In addition, if you wish to qualify for any available gas reimbursement, this record will be required.

For general information you can contact the following committee members:
Gene King - Committee Chairperson (303) 425-7480
Thanks T aka Tom KR0MPS

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