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Originally Posted by Gmann View Post
If anyone on this run took a Yellow Voile Snow shovel with a telescopic handle from the bed of a 03 Black Tacoma, I would appreciate its return. Thanks. Brent Gehrmann 970 376 2501. email

For those that went, thanks for the fun time and the usual support for each other, as we winched and made forward progress.

For those that missed it, If you needed practice using your winch,well..... it was a winchfest. But still a good time, My appologies for Farnham and I bailing. It took us three hours to get back to Vail from the cemetary parking lot. See you all soon.

Brent Gehrmann
Someone has your shovel, I forget who. It was a good call of yours getting out of there behind the snowcat. We had a lot more work ahead of us.
Scott Yoder KD0DHP
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