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Sharon and I had a great time today. Sharon got to drive a little bit and loved it, she is ready for more. I found out at the end of the trip why my tires did not bulge when I dropped the pressure. Seems that my fancy tire gauge I bought several years ago was off by 7 #'s. I started with what I thought was 8 #'s of pressure and dropped to 6, still no bulge like Red Chili. Once I started to air up I used my digital unit to measure the air and found out my real pressure was actually 13 #'s. That explains Moab and other trips not to mention my lack of flotation today. Live and learn.

Just an FYI, for those of you who want to buy a winch but don't want to blow a ton of cash or a short of $$$. My winch that I bought at Costco did great, I either pulled myself out or Jeff in his Lexus 470. Granted the winch did not like Jeff's big ol beast but it did the job and came back for more.

I agree with Scott, next year we may want to adjust the date. Make that this year ;-) We still had fun but it would have been better if we could have gotten around a little more. Maybe the first week of December depending on the snow conditions. After that I think we start running into Christmas parties.

Thanks again Scott for heading this up!!
Thanks T aka Tom KR0MPS

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keys = Man that is a whole story

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