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Time for some pics

Ready to rock...

Red Chili leading the way...Amazing to watch him just float over the snow. What was it you said at the end of the day Bill? "Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee"?

Red Chili stuck...ok, not really but gives you an idea of the snow depth compared to Chili's 35s

My first "stuck" of the morning...So many more to come - This one was pretty benign

My second "stuck". This one was bad...real bad...My axles were buried, my sliders sitting on snow, and I could turn my rear tires by hand in neutral - This pretty much insured the entire section would be turned into a quagmire from then on. I had followed Chili through this section about 5-10 mins earlier with absolutely no issues, and even got him unstuck at the Y just down the road. Tom, RockRunner, was behind me and got stuck trying to help out one of the ATVs Yoder mentions. I went back to pull Tom out. That worked well until my ass end slid to the right (toward the fence) off the harder packed snow and down I went. We actually spent the majority of the day digging, pulling, and winching rigs through this 1/4 mile section - It was like quicksand. Chili came back and "packed" the route down about 10+ times and I STILL sank time after time. This is also where my winch decided to become Damien and I quickly became a 3 ton liability

This became a familiar site...LOTS of digging...Always bring a good co-pilot along who is willing to help you out

And so the winch fest begins - Thanks to Tom and Bill for the numerous tugs, pulls, and help. I'll have to see if my buddy got video of one of the "tugs" Bill gave me. We are pretty sure Red Chili's front tires came off the ground

Trying to pull the "whale" the opposite direction...

Once we finally managed to get myself through this section, it was the other's turn - Just as Red Chili and I got to the end of this section and parked at the "Y", the cavalry, Steve Rudy and Kimmel, showed up coming from the opposite direction. They were immediately put to work to help Tom and the others thru - In the end even Steve and Kimmel managed to get stuck - First Steve got stuck up against the fence (his truck seemed to have an affection for barbed wire ) trying to pull Tom forward and then Kimmel got stuck trying to pull Steve out

The weather went from blowing cold, to some sun/blue skies, to snow, to heavy snow, to overcast.

As it got colder, the tracks that were packed down got slicker...Here Steve Rudy is getting strapped up to keep him, or his truck, out of the barbed wire again

Did someone say it was slick out here? Or are you just laying down on the job? My co-pilot and snow digger extraordinaire

During the winch fest, I had Mead the Great Dane sniff a snatch block and sent her out in search of Uncle Ben's lost ARB snatch block. Unfortunately, as I discussed with Rover67 later on, Mead is young and seems to have a short attention span

Yoder was up next and you guessed it, he got stuck, a few times as well. Luckily his winch was working great and he was able to winch, roll, sink, and repeat down the trail

Last up was John in his mini truck. I didn't snap any pics because I had switched to video after figuring out how he planned to attack the problem . Unfortunately I didn't get any video of the first section as he came blasting down the trail, snow flying, tires spinning. But, like everyone else he got stuck which gave me a chance to get his next two runs on tape

Red Chili sporting some new moon disk wheels

Me standing in "Yoder's hole" at the furthest spot we made it to. Hard to see but the hole was nearly 3' deep

At the end of the day, it was all about fun in the snow and of course PIZZA!!!!!
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