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I learned several key points today (aside from picking up a lot of experience on strapping, winching, etc).

First: 4Runners float. 80s/LXs sink

Second: on a snow run never send me back on a section just completed to pull someone out. I will get stuck - On both occassions where I initially got stuck it was after I had already successfully made it through section and then went back to help get someone unstuck. Never send in the whale when the butterfly is much better equipped!

Third: a stuck 80 will easily pull a 4Runner to it vs the opposite - strap that 4Runner to something

Fourth: If you have a winch make sure you have a quick way to disconnect the power to it just in case it decides to turn into Damien. Not sure exactly what happened to my winch but when I went to pull myself out and hit the switch on the controller to take up the slack, the winch wouldn't turn off . It was a mad scramble at that point for Sharon to run to the tree saver to try and unhook me before the slack was all in (luckily my buddy had pulled out PLENTY of slack) and for me to pop the hood and disconnect the positive lead to the winch cable. Luckily the cables are attached with wing nuts which allowed for fairly quick removal or things could have gotten really bad, really quick.

Fifth: It is possible to find an ARB snatch block along side the trail

Finally: The snow run is a hoot, but well prepared rigs are a must. Winch/strap points, LOW pressure in the tires (I ended up running 10 psi), winches, straps, shovels, etc. are essential. AND, it really helps to have a light weight rig so you can float vs sink

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