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WOW! I didn't notice any activity on this thread....good on ya! I have spoke with Twiddy too and going in on Wednesday looks like our best option. Robbie hit it on the casual run if we do it that way. We can overnight at Spiderlake then take another easy push to Rubie springs while still having some time to play or watch each other on Little Sluice and Old Sluice. Getting into Rubicon springs early is also a huge plus as the best sites fill up quickly. We would get home Monday night most likely (preferred). As for the slower travelers if we can just make Winimucka (10 hours from here) in one day going out and coming back we will be in fine shape as far as travel timing goes. Taking the southern route would definitely add a whole day!

So for a report to Tony and for our planning as well lets confirm a list on who's going for sure, what they are taking and if they are towing.

I and Jerry will be in my 80 w/roof top tent.

My list of to do's yet is...

Swap Bobbie for a non clicking set of Longs! Done!
finish my on board shower setup
install subtank
rework some of my cooling system
3" mandrel bent exhaust
better on-board air system
finish my leather replacement
move my radio faceplate from the lower console to the new upper one (when installed)
build a rear CV driveshaft and get my rear pinion roted up a few degrees
swap in OME Comp rear springs instead of the Slee 4's
possible Bilstein shock upgrade
TLCA #3007

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