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Originally Posted by corsair23 View Post
I so want to go - Chance of a lifetime to go with you guys and it comes a few years too early for me.

Anyone need a copilot?

The LX isn't ready for the Rubicon and neither is the 40 (which is a shame since it is fully locked, has OBA, shower, etc. etc.) I fear. I'm not sure I am either

Not even sure if I can get the time off but if anyone potentially needs a copilot let me know and maybe I can fill the spot.

Matt, just a thought but if you can't swing a winch before and want to borrow one, we could possibly swap mine off the LX and onto your 80. It is only an XD9000 but better than nothing. Of course that assumes I get it fixed and working good prior to your departure

I am trying to talk Sharon into going, so far it looks good. If she decides to bail I would like another person to travel with etc. I will keep you apprised over the next few months.

Your winch is another story I have not seen that happen myself. I dont think it will be to hard to fix. I would call Warn and tell them what the problem is, I bet it is a solenoid that is sticking once it gets a little power to it.
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Originally Posted by RockRunner;
keys = Man that is a whole story

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