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Default Reply from Tony Twiddy

I told him we had leaders and gunners and we were thinking of going in is his response....

"thanks Kevin... this is exactly what I needed to know so we can plan accordingly. Wed has our wagon run too so the pace is laid back. Wed will allow you to camp at Buck, enter the springs on Thursday, hang out (hike, fish, swim, wheel cadillac hill and back) Friday and Saturday, Saturday is dinner and raffle, and we all exit Sunday out cadillac via the exit strategy. The exit strategy basically assigns a departure time to help spread the trucks out.

your group needs to decide logistics on trailering. REmember, you enter via loon but exit out to Tahoe. I suggest leaving trailers on Tahoe side (perhaps in casino parking lot) and drive 4x4s to Loon side, exit Sunday out tahoe to your trailers and begin your journey home. This is irrelevent to me, but will impact you guys a lot. if you trailer to Loon, you will be exiting backwards to Loon on Sunday, which is fun, but also a full day, leaving you in CA instead of NV.

thanks Kevin, keep me posted... I will plan for your group on Wednesday, with no trail leaders. Your other groups sharing the trail will be the wagon run and our wed run, total 3 groups, spread out about 2 to 3 hours apart.

Many of us here are very excited about CM this year too!

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