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Default Pre Superbowl snow bashing

Well since the COWY run that was planned today fell apart I was determined to get out and play. A little (very little) arm twisting on Robbie found the two of us headed west early this morning. The goal was Bunce School Road but no rules so it didn't matter where we ended up. It has been years since I did the trail and there is definately a lot more off shoots off the Bunce School Road than I remember. We had an absolute blast playing on many of the roads. We decided to head south and not only did we make the furthest tracks but we made it all the way to the gate above Peaceful Valley/Camp Dick. The gate was open but the signs clearly stated it was closed for the winter. Out came the shovels as we dug out the gate from the drift and I am happy to report it is now closed like it should be. We headed up another off shoot that had huge drifts and very deep snow and again broke trail as far back as we wanted to go. We decided to eat lunch in a warmer enviornment so a fast be-line out and down to Lyons. We got home a little after 2:30ish just in time to kick back for some fotball! :^) There ya go....a abbreviated report on a abbreviated day! :fing: :p

Follow up....should have wheeled all day.....what a pathetic game! Oh well beer, munchies and the company were great!
Here a poser pic in front of the old Bunce School....
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