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Ya I have talked with a Dan and a Doug from Baily 0n .145 . Dan is on quite a bit in fact. Seem like nice enough fellows but I would rather be chatting with one of you guys! Has any one messed with the DCS encoding yet? Our own repeater would be cool but a little more geeky than I want to get into right now. Michelle might have something to say about the new metal "tree" that popped up in the back yard too!
BTW....I scored a Yaesu VX-7r with extra battery at the pawn shop a little over a week ago! Haven't played with it much but it's pretty cool! I couldn't pass it up for only $150! Guy at the PS said he had it for a while and no one knew what it was! He Googled it and found out it was an HT but thats all he knew! It seems to be in great shape and it does fact I was listening to you guys rag chew last monday while cleaning the garage! I tried to beep in but no one heard me or you ignored me! I might have not had the tone set correctly either. I ordered a manual and downloaded a PDF manual so I can figure it out. I'll try it if I can tomorrow night at the rag chew.....

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I hear you Kev, it would be sweet if our little community had its own repeater that worked across the front range, where we could all hang by default and be a little less apprehensive about speaking up. In fact keep your eyes open, if someone were to stumble across the equipment necessary to build our own setup, I'd gladly donate the hillside & power to keep it running. Heck maybe the club will decide to buy all this stuff some day.. still kicking myself that we didn't grab that 40' tower than was available a while back, but alas I didn't own any land then.

But I am like you, I typically monitor 145.145 on one, and 145.310 on the other, though lately I've been listening to 146.805 instead of .310 because that's one of the repeaters that lets people monkey around with the IRLP stuff... like when we do the Expeditions Portal stuff that's the channel you go on, then Ricardo or Blake will push the magic buttons and we're on the Western Reflector. But point being, it's a little more interesting over on 146.805 than .145 or .310.

However, just about every time I start talking with someone on .145 the guy on the other end has been super cool, and half the time they live in Bailey and we'll often discover we know the same people. In fact a couple of them are threatening to drop in on our meeting next month
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Welcome. Lots of "northsiders" here in the club. We're known to have some of the strongest, coolest and most awesome club members.
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Cruisers are superior
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