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With more people getting into ham, we should have a common repeater and I think the Rising Sun Ham Club is just the huckleberries to do it. We could charge a small fee to other clubs to use it. With Tim's free rent it wouldn't be expensive, although renting space on Lookout or Squaw would provide a ton more coverage.

BTW, that VX-7R was a steal, they are usually about $350.

146.805 is interesting during commutes. I'll get on once in a while when I'm driving at a decent time. Most of the drive-time people are radio and TV broadcast engineers, so that's interesting. They really don't talk about ham, but what broadcast towers they are working on, what stations, etc. They also talk about other stuff, hiking, skiing and just general B.S. It's pretty interest and not really a tighty-whitey crowd. I'd guess most of them are in their 30s and 40s, just working stiffs chatting on the way to work.

FWIW, I think we should designate a simplex channel to call home and then have a repeater progression. It's best to stay off 145.310 for local stuff since it does tie up the linked repeaters with chit-chat relevant only to Denver.
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