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Default Repeaters and simplex...

We have sort-of "adopted" the 146.460 MhZ freq for trail runs. That came from the NorCal Guys using that freq.

Nakman and I chatted with another HAM on the way home from CM2007 on 146.520 about setting up our own repeater that could be raised and lowered on a trailer for Cruise Moab. That way, we would have a temporary repeater that we would have to coordinate with the local guys on freq and such, put it up on Poison Spider Mesa and viola! Our own CM repeater!

Dave, have you had any experience with those things(repeaters)? I know most guys get second(or third or fourth) hand stuff to start out with to make it less costly. Here is one I found on ebay. VHF Repeater

I would like to do this, but I'd be worried about all of the permission and stuff we'd have to go through to make it all possible.

Anybody's thoughts?
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