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Originally Posted by Groucho View Post
Dave, have you had any experience with those things(repeaters)? I know most guys get second(or third or fourth) hand stuff to start out with to make it less costly. Here is one I found on ebay. VHF Repeater

I would like to do this, but I'd be worried about all of the permission and stuff we'd have to go through to make it all possible.

Anybody's thoughts?
Never set up a repeater. I think the biggest issue is getting an open frequency pair, the rest we could figure out. What would be cool is if we could convince Tim to give us Internet access and make the Rising Sun repeater an IRLP node. I think setting one up at one of our mountain member's homes makes sense. Once it's dialed in, moving it to a commercial tower is relatively easier. Don't want to be shaking out a repeater and causing all kinds of interference with Fox31, you know.

I was thinking it probably wouldn't be too tough to find a GE Mastr repeater, that's a pretty standard part. There's probably lots of other controllers, Motorola for sure. Not to mention the Tait you linked to, probably ICOM, Kenwood, Vertex also make repeater parts.
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