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Originally Posted by shark bait
Thanks Dave. Were you on? I missed you. Probably wasn't paying close enough attention. Protocol/manners are important. I'm probably a little over eager myself, still.
Yeah, I was on early and get in a few transmissions when you got in, but I was also on my handheld and the batteries were weak. I was inside the house with the rubber ducky, to get in I had to use 5W and I forgot to charge the radio. I heard you guys for a while, but by about 2145 I couldn't break the repeater well enough.
Originally Posted by Uncle Ben View Post
Great advice! I got carried away as it was fun to actually rag chew with someone I knew! I'm sorry....rookie mistake. I'm still laughing at myself for getting tongue tied on my phonic alphabet on my Y! I laughed hard about that one! I use the phonic alphabet all the time as I'm always relating names or something to someone on the phone that spelling is important.
No problem Kevin, it's good to be excited! Certainly don't be sorry for keying up the mic and talking! Your enthusiasm I think kept the net moving, that was cool. Not much dead air, that's for sure. It's just about taking a breath and keeping all the stations in the rotation. Just wanted to make the point so that all of us can think about our operating practices. You are still thinking like a simplex CB user and so repeater operation is sort of new. Gotta just remember that there could be 5 or 10 stations trying to use the repeater and just need to leave time for people to get in.
I still cannot believe how clear Gray, KC0ZIC, cam across! He was hitting my mobile harder than even Nak did from his mobile! Obviously, he was close proximity to the repeater station!
I had his name as Ray, but that's the down side of an HT, the relatively crappy speaker.

A--Alfa “AL-FAH”
B--Bravo “BRAH-VOH”
C--Charlie “CHAR-LEE” or “SHAR-LEE”
D--Delta “DELL-TAH”
E--Echo “ECK-OH”
F--Foxtrot “FOKS-TROT”
G--Golf “GOLF”
H--Hotel “HOH-TELL”
I--India “IN-DEE-AH”
J--Juliett “JEW-LEE-ETT”
K--Kilo “KEE-LOH”
L--Lima “LEE-MAH”
M--Mike “MIKE”
N--November “NO-VEM-BER”
O--Oscar “OSS-CAH”
P--Papa “PAH-PAH”
Q--Quebec “KEH-BECK”
R--Romeo “ROW-ME-OH”
S--Sierra “SEE-AIR-RAH”
T--Tango “TANG-GO”
U--Uniform “YOU-NEE-FORM” or “OO-NEE-FORM”
V--Victor “VIK-TAH”
W--Whiskey “WISS-KEY”
X--X-ray “ECKS-RAY”
Y--Yankee “YANG-KEY”
Z--Zulu “ZOO-LOO”

0 - “ZEE-RO”
1 - “WUN”
2 - “TOO”
3 - “TH-UH-REE” or “TREE”
4 - “FOW-ER”
5 - “FI-IV” or “FIFE”
6 - “SIX”
7 - “SEV-EN”
8 - “ATE” or “A-IT”
9 - “NIN-ER”
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