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Default Infrastructure and rough in for base station questions.

I pm'd Groucho, but looking for general advice and ideas from the collective.

I'm new to HAM, just started the "wives class" last night, but I've been interested in amateur radio since I was 12 and in Boy Scouts. I started in a HAM class, but the math/basic electric theory was too far ahead since I had NO algebra experience.

Anyhow, my wife and I are currently remodeling our new to us home in Wheat Ridge, and have completely gutted a previously finished basement. Since we are replacing the entire electrical system from the meter base in, I'm looking for rough-in advice and pre-planning ideas for my "future" base station.

I'm already pulling a new 20 amp circuit dedicated just to my office, but wonder if I should pull a second circuit just for base station electrics?

What about routing conduit(s) for transmission lines to feed antenna(s)?

I'm certain there are lots of other things I haven't considered, and look for advice so that I can prepare for a kick-a$$ base station, while the ceiling and walls are all opened up.

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