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Default Grounding

Originally Posted by leiniesred View Post
Grounding question:

So I need at least 2 big 'ol ground posts? 1 for the radio stuff and 1 for the lightning protection on the antenna mount on the roof of the house? I also see that I need to bond my lightning ground post to the power box ground to meet code.

For sure one ground post for all the radio stuff only. Ground the ham equipment together to that rod. Also electricity to the room must meet electrical code (including a ground circuit). If you need or want to do more than this for RF grounding issues check out page 5-23 of the General Class License Manual and/or

Attach the antenna ground wire to the main panel ground if the antenna is attached to the house. That might eliminate a separate grounding rod for the antenna. If the distance is great between the antenna and main panel ground (when in doubt) put in a grounding rod as well and tie that grounding rod to the main panel ground. If the antenna is free standing, follow the manufacturers directions (which will include installation of at least one grounding rod).

An unspliced ground wire will be less likely to give of RF interference than one thats spliced. It will also conduct lightening better than one thats spliced.
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