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I usually listen to 146.805 during drive times, but my drive times are from 4:00AM to 4:45AM and 3:30PM to 4:30PM, so I really won't cross over with you.

Someone left the 146.805 IRLP link on to somewhere this morning, and I almost got to talk with another station(don't know what his QTH was) but the link dropped due to no use for the past 15 minutes.

When I was installing Bruce's(W0DW) Icom 706MKIIG into his FZJ80 with a Hi-Q 5-80 antenna, I was almost a regular on the RAG chew group(Rotten Apple Group) on 7.238 MhZ. They were on between 6 and 7 eastern time, which was just as I was getting to work mountain time. I tell you what, if you want a GREAT mobile HF "screwdriver" antenna? Get a Hi-Q. They work AWESOME! I was getting 20/9 reports from all over! Bruce used it during CM2007 and was talking with folks allover the country when we ran the Elephant Hill trail.

I'll keep listening on both 146.805 and 145.145.
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