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Originally Posted by Red_Chili View Post
Interesting... so it is not all that tight?
Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta... is easier for me to remember.
Most people recommend sticking with a known one for a couple of reasons, but there is no requirement to do so. Whatever makes your message clear through static. But if you make up your own you run the risk of negating the whole reason for using phonetics, clarity. NATO picked the words they did because the pronunciation is clear with any native European accent (so it's pretty understandable worldwide) and no two words can be confused, they all sound different. Other phonetic languages, like the names of people achieve the same, the first letter is pretty clearly the letter it represents. Uncle Ben's State names works, but probably wouldn't be nearly as good outside the USA and probably Canada, since the names of US states is less recognizable. It's like someone from Germany using Augsburg, Bayern, Chemnitz, Dusseldorf, Emden, Frankfurt, etc. It might get the point across, but not optimal since their proper pronunciation would make them hard for us to understand. For example NATO has 'A' as 'Alfa' with an 'f' rather than 'ph' because 'ph' does not mean the 'eff' sound in all languages. Or 'Juliett' with two 't's is spelled that way for the French, so it's said right. A lot of tax money was spent coming up with it, you know, so might as well use it. ;-)
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