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Originally Posted by subzali View Post
QSL cards? Anybody?

I think Nathaniel is spoon-feeding us this Ham stuff just to get us sucked in, I can hear the maniacal laugh now! Bwa ha ha! He knew the whole frontier of the 2m sub-culture, and he lured us in with the pretense of having better communication on the trail! Help, help, run for your lives! I.....can't......*gasp*......breathe......the life........getting choked......*gasp*

Seriously though, you new guys already started acquiring contacts, or because you're on busy repeaters and simplex it's not really worth it...

Well? How come I don't have an answer yet?

Oh I gotta hit the button first...
QSL cards are traditionally used on more of the HF side of things. Because it has never been considered a great achievement to talk to someone 30 miles away(VHF/2M), and those VHF/UHF bands of communication are at that distance or less(like I said Traditionally), and the likelyhood of having contact with those folks over and over again is high, QSL cards are not seen as necessary for contacts in those bands. For special events it is different, for example our 14er HAM event that SeldomSeen and I participated in. I did exchange QSL cards for that. On HF the conditions may be just right to facilitate communicating with someone very far away that you may never have the opprtunity to talk to again, so that is why they are more relevant in these situations.

Originally Posted by RicardoJM View Post
I don't yet. I've asked around on air about this very subject and for most part all seem to agree that doing QSL cards for local contacts would be bad form. When it comes to remote contacts, like over Echolink or IRLP it depends upon the specific situation and the people involved. If you get into longer distance conversations via sporadic e or bouncing your signal off satallites or the moon, then QSL cards are very appropriate.

It is my sense that most would consider using the internet to make long distance contacts to be "cheating" - but even with that said just this morning I helped a local ham get the address of a spanish speaking gentleman he was having a QSO with in Costa Rica so that a QSL card could be sent.

On the subject of QSL, you can do it over the internet and save a bundle on postage but won't it be cool to know that a QSL card with your Land Cruiser adorns walls all over the world?
To HAMs who have always gotten contacts "on-air", IRLP is "cheating". The whole point of using RF to talk around the globe is thwarted, and thus it looses its fun-ness for those HAMs. I still thought it was pretty cool to talk to Austrailia on IRLP from my 2M rig.

Originally Posted by Uncle Ben View Post
Now that you're in his web of the teaching of the old ways it is now disrespectful to call him Nathanial! You would not call your Karate master Kim or Chin or???? would you? Nathanial has now revealed his true higher level of earthly existence so now you may call him W0IIN in public or "Elmer" with your head bowed!
Originally Posted by subzali View Post

That's right! I need an emotiocon all to myself!

I will have some sample QSL cards at the Feb 18th class. I will also ask Bruce to discuss more of the meaning and accepted times for use of QSL cards.
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