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This comes up all the time. You know the rules and that it's illegal.

Something to think about is that public service communication is moving to a state-wide trunked 800MHz system. So if you were going to attempt to break in, you'd first need an 800MHz trunking radio and would have to know the right talk group to be on to get the fire or police dispatch and not the parks and recreation or snow plows. There could be dozens of talk groups and unless you know the right talk group, the appropriate people will never hear you. Denver PD alone has about 200 talk groups, from robbery to homicide to narcotics and traffic. Trunked systems only have one set frequency, the control channel. That channel tells all the radios on the system which frequency to use with which talk group and the frequency distribution changes all the time, at least daily and sometimes several times a day.

For the places that still use simple VHF 2-way radios, it might be more likely to work. But there is probably better coverage by ham repeaters than public service repeaters in the backcountry. Think about it, why would there be police communications in the middle of nowhere if there's no cops? If there's a fire or police department, there's /very/ likely a cell tower not far away. Then how do you KNOW it will work? That you in fact have the right frequency and DCS or PL tone. You don't without trying it...

Just my $0.02.
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