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Originally Posted by Seldom Seen View Post
By transmitting a LiTZ on these repeaters, you'll activate a connection directly to a CHP dispatcher.
Doing LTZ always gets CHP or will it just be some sort of emergency agency? Just thought that it might be a sheriff, fire or could be just 911 as well.

Groucho and Brian will cover this, but what he's talking about is if a repeater is 'LiTZ' capable, that just means that holding down the zero key for a long time (I think it's 3 seconds) will automatically dial an emergency contact. 'LiTZ' (the 'i' is just a place holder) means Long Tone Zero and has been around for as long as DTMF dialing has been around. Essentially most all auto patchable repeaters will do this as a public service to hams without needing to know the code to open the regular auto patch.
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