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Originally Posted by Uncle Ben View Post
That's total crap! If you can't tune an engine for optimum performance why buy performance enhancing parts? I suspect there will be a few older ones for sale from those who want the "upgraded" ones. Hold out or turbo charge!
Someone pee in your Wheaties this morning UB

40 runs fine (just need to dink with the carb a little) it is more of this little issue I have in wanting it to be "perfect" - oh and it is only a 2-seater right now which doesn't work well with a family of 4

Supercharger would be nice, but honestly other than when towing the popup I'm fine. Having some extra power would be great but I'll live. Turbo charging would be but @ $9K installed (Slee's turbo) that's almost what I paid for the LX so that isn't happening. If I had more skillz than wishes life would be good but that ain't me, yet
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