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Originally Posted by DaveInDenver View Post
Keep in mind that aircraft use AM and so if you are TXing and RXing on FM, the range will seem to be very poor in both range and quality.
Still learning but I assume the ICOM was/is AM as it is made for aircraft use - thus the reason I could use it as I definitely don't have a HAM license yet

It looks like this, only much older:

The newest Icom radio is a full-size hand-held with a host of pilot-friendly functions. Features a large, rubber keypad and easy to read display for one-handed operation in the cockpit. Backlit keypad and display stays on until you turn it off—helpful for night flying. Flip-flop channel recall function stores the last 10 channels used for instant switching.

Other features:
Long life Ni-MH battery
VOR reception with CDI display
DVOR function shows the radial to or from the VOR
Duplex operation (listen on NAV, talk on COM)
200 memory channels
Dedicated 121.5 emergency key
Side tone function lets you hear your own voice as you talk
NOAA weather stations
Water resistant construction
Automatic noise limiter
Low battery alert
Receives and transmits 118.000-136.975 MHz
Receives 108.000-117.975 MHz and 161.650-163.274 MHz
5 watts PEP output
BNC antenna connector
Weighs 15.1 oz
Measures 2”w x 5”h x 1 1/2”d

Includes: belt clip, wall charger(220 Volt), antenna, rechargeable battery pack, headset adapter and carrying case.

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