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I was chatting with Chris Wood (ex-ARB guy) about turbo vs. supercharging...He mentioned that he has driven both versions and that the turbo charged rig seemed "smoother" and faster. The problem I have with a turbocharger vs supercharger (aside from the cost difference) is IMO a turbo has to "build up" pressure. At least that has been my experience

So with a turbo you get a surge of power after say 2000+ rpms but with a supercharger the power should be more linear, correct?

True....SC's are always spooled which means you get boost as soon as the load hits 0 atmospheric vrs chargers that have to spool up once load hits 0 atmospheric. Turbos can pack more air because it's easier to cool the charge vrs chargers that create more heat by design and are more prone to heat soak. Short story....SC's are immediate gain but can be inefficient at higher R's while turbos lag but keep on boosting until motor blows! Which is better? Depends on what you want....low and mid range linear surge with moderate top end or sharp and steep torque curve and beastly top end?
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Welcome. Lots of "northsiders" here in the club. We're known to have some of the strongest, coolest and most awesome club members.
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