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Originally Posted by DaveInDenver View Post
The next option would be to have the mobile retransmit your UHF TX and additionally do the flip side and retransmit the other party to your remote UHF frequency. This is called a full duplex cross band repeating. The difference is that your HT only needs to talk to your mobile. But now you have two transmitters working on two different input and output frequencies. This means you have to ID both radios and since you don't know when someone might trip the input to the mobile, it's not technically being ID'd properly. DOING THIS BLINDLY IS ILLEGAL UNLESS THE RADIO SELF IDENTIFIES! If the radio can self ID (with your call sign) when it happens to transmit, this is OK to use as an RX range extender. Also if both hams using the full duplex cross band announce what is going on, that could be fine.
Note that this means that you cannot legally do full-duplex CBR via another (public) repeater unless your mobile self-identifies.

Originally Posted by DaveInDenver View Post
...the FCC only allows you to do remote control tones on the UHF side AFAIK. I've never verified that in the FCC Rules, so that may only be hear-say. But I do believe that doing remote control via an HT on the UHF side is fine, so set up cross band remote controls going UHF-to-VHF and you should never be non-compliant.
I have read from several sources that remote control can only be done via UHF frequencies, also. One of those places is Kenwood's SkyCommand documentation (remote control of their big-boy base station radios). From what I've read, the FCC only requires that the Remote Control be transmitted on UHF -- all other communications can be on other bands. My understanding is that VHFxVHF CBR would be fine with the FCC, as long as Remote Control commands were transmitted on UHF (requiring a dual-VFO HT).
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