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Originally Posted by Hants View Post
then asked her if it was worth the price difference to be able to tell where the rig is when we're in the backcountry. Her response : "<puzzled look> That's a safety feature. Of course its worth it.... as long as its not $1000 more or something."
So what's the story with this APRS? I know about it in theory and everyone talks about being able to report a location in the backcountry. But don't you need a packet-capable repeater for it to work? Are most repeaters capable of this? What about that funky Google reporting, does the digital repeater then also need to be on the Internet? Just wondering, I know pretty much nothing about how this stuff works. I don't have GPS box and I'm not about to buy and drag a laptop with me. I tolerate having a computer at home, but I'm definitely not going to have one with me in the truck.
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