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In a genuine emergency, you may use any means at your disposal to call for help on any frequency.

Any unlicensed person may also use ANY radio in a genuine emergency. In the case of our rigs, with 2M radios in them, if your wife is the only one able to make contact with emergency services using that HAM radio while you are pinned under your cruiser, and she doesn't have a license, she may use the radio in those instances.

I am simply reminding everyone that the effort spent setting up your HAM rig to transmit using those frequencies(not to mention voiding the warranty) is not recommended. It has encouraged other licensed HAMs to use their radios illegally, and thustly jeopordizing even further the frequencies and privelages that we earned when we pass the test.

We as HAM radio operators need to remember that it is a privalege to use the frequencies that we are alloted. Every month there are other services(commercial, mostly) who try and justify their need for our frequencies over our needs. If we operate poorly, illegally and not use all of our bands, we will loose them.

I would also recommend to subscribe to QST(become an ARRL member) and just read some of the headlines. We have a fleet of folks fighting in Washington for our right to use our frequencies. QST gives articles about this, tech articles, projects(remember the best part about being a HAM is the tinkering) and other neat stuff. And don't think that it is geared only toward those guys in their basement. VHF and UHF are very popular and a substantial portion of the magazine is devoted to those bands.

Just please, please keep a responsible mindset when looking to get the most out of why you are a/becoming a HAM radio operator. If nothing else, I will thank you for it.
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