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Default Out of band

The QST magazine that Nathaniel mentioned, has a section every month titled FCC News. Here is one of the citations listed in the December 2007 issue. It is not where you would want your name mentioned. Makes for interesting reading. Here it is:

Guy E. Weitl, WB6HGJ, of San Diego, CA, received notification from the FCC of a complaint alleging “numerous instances of out of band operation on Twenty Meter frequencies 14.003, 14.005, 14.011 and 14.106 MHz, frequencies for which you are not authorized as a General Class licensee. The complaint also alleges that you have been sent several notices about out of band operation. The information contained in the complaint, if true, raises serious questions regarding your qualifications to retain an Amateur license.” Weitl was given 20 days to respond and was directed to “support your response with a signed and dated affidavit or declaration under penalty of perjury, verifying the truth and accuracy of the information submitted in your response.” He was warned that the FCC will use “all relevant information...including information that you disclose in your reply” to make a decision in his case, and that penalties could include “license revocation, suspension of your operator privileges, or monetary forfeiture (fine). Fines normally range from $7,500 to $10,000.

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