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Originally Posted by Red_Chili View Post
The following are the Land Use Committees, a means of delegating responsibility and workload, and keeping the focus on a particular set of 4x4 routes. I miss things too easily, these folks will keep me accountable!

By no means does this indicate that you can't be part of the action with these routes! If you would like to assist, contact me or the Trail Boss of the routes you are interested in.

Jenny Creek / Boulder Ranger District, Arapaho-Roosevelt NF
Trail Boss: Timm Buchanan (Timmbuck2)
Committee Members: Kevin Ehrlick (Uncle Ben), Terry Holben (Arthog)

Argentine Pass Area / Clear Creek Ranger District, Arapaho-Roosevelt NF
Trail Boss: Matt Miller (Subzali)
Committee Members: Perry Loughridge (bh4rnnr), Jeff Zettl (corsair23)

Iron Chest, Pomeroy Lake, Mt. Antero / Salida Ranger District, Pike-San Isabel NF
Trail Boss: Bill Morgan (Red_Chili)
Committee Members: Matt Farr (Hulk), Isaac Vimont (AxleIke), Mike Worth (Tch2fly), Dan Reinmuth (Convert), Steve Crase (Crash)

The Trail Boss is responsible for maintaining communications for the road in question, and for delegating work to committee members, and coordinating the volunteer efforts for the trail. Included is attendance for any USFS / (future: BLM) meetings related to the trail, as needed. It is his/her baby.

The Trail Boss is also expected to communicate timely information regarding the route for which he or she has taken responsibility. The Trail Boss should be the point person for this information, and will post information here in this forum.

Of course, if the USFS wants to send me stuff, I will forward the info on, and post it. I will coordinate the agreements with the USFS and BLM for Adopt-A-Road.

This structure should enable us to take on more adopt-a-road responsibilities without getting overwhelmed, or overwhelming the club. I can envision each committee simply scheduling their time as needed for an area, publicizing it to the club for others' interest, and doing the occasional fun, big-impact project. It will be like being three (or more!) clubs in one, in terms of impact.

Thanks all!
Thanks for doing this Bill!! It's exciting to see the club so active!
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