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Default another gear thread 4.56 vs. 4.88?

I'm starting to second guess myself. I've always thought when I regear I want to go with 4.88's, but now I'm wondering if 4.56 makes more sense? Bear with me for a sec: stock tire size for a FZJ80 was 275 70 r16... that comes from a very trustworty source . So using this calculator (towards bottom of page), that's 31.157". Using the gear calculator a little higher up on the same page, if I plug in a new tire size of 35", 31.157" as old tire size, and 4:11 as current gear ratio, I get 4.617 for my new gear ratio. That's pretty close to 4.56.. If I plug in 34.5 as my new tire (since most run small, right?) then my new gear ratio is 4.551- dang that's even closer to 4.56!!

I swear I don't want to run 36's.. I think. 35's is as big as I want to go, I'm pretty certain there, well pretty sure. But is running 36's really that bad with 4.56 gears? According to the 4wheelparts gear ratio guide , the difference is less than 100 rpm's at 65mph (click the link on that page). I haven't done my taxes yet, so for the time being feel free to fantasize with me that I'll be regearing & getting new tires.
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