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Default Technician ONLY exam

I need to know how many people who attended the class who are absolutely sure they can make it to Stevinson West by 5PM on Monday March 3rd.

I just spoke with one of the VEC's that Brian has been trying to get to help with this on the phone. If we can nail down a number of people, a place and time to adninister the TECHNICIAN only test, he will do his best to do the test on Monday, March 3rd.

What I need to know is who will be able to be at Stevinson West by 5PM on Monday to take the Technician test ONLY.

Part of the reason that we weren't successful before is that we wanted to accomodate folks who want to take their General and Extra exam. This will not possible to do on Monday due to the demand for more VE's. Those who want to take the General or Extra exam will have to go to a testing location that is listed on the other thread.

So, if you know for a fact that you have the means and the way to be at Stevensom by 5PM and stay as late as 9PM on Monday, post up. I need a headcount by 5PM tomorrow, February 28th.

Even if we have this headcount, there is still a possibility that the exam may not happen. We need to give them enough time to arrange for VE's to administer the test and they may not be able to. This is the last ditch effort to try and get the Technician test ONLY administered on Monday. Please help and be prompt with your response. If it doesn't work out, we'll organize a date to get everyone together at one of the local testing locations.
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