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Originally Posted by subzali View Post
I'm going for Tech and General, so count me out.
Anyone in this boat keep in mind that when you do go to the testing locations offering tests please arrive as early as possible. With several people all taking different tests, and a limited amount of time for the session, you may be told that you will only be able to take one test at that time. It will almost never be a problem during the first half of the session, but after the mid-point they usually tell people that they may be limited to taking one test.

The VE teams have to give instructions, hand out the tests, allow adequate time for the test AND grading to include issuing the CSCE (Certificate of Successful Completion of Examination) that should be your receipt that you took (and passed) the test. Robbie was the exception that I habve never heard of before. Depending on how many people taking any combination of tests and how log those people take to complete the test, some might be limited to one test.

Bottom line--Arrive early. If you do, you are almost assured to be able to take more than one test (or more than one attempt if the first test is not passed).
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