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Default Cargo nets...

Not sure how "techy" this is but here goes...

I've been looking into a divider for behind the 2nd row seats to keep cargo in the rear and off our noggins when wheeling. Last year at CM07 I used one of those metal doggy divider deals that I used in my Durango. It worked fine, but I don't like the fact that it pushes up into the headliner (even with protection between the top of the divider and the headliner).

Started looking at cargo net options and came across a thread in MUD that ultimately led me to a company called Raingler and then on to Off Road Concepts.

They don't have any nets listed for the 80 series (do have nets listed for 4Runners) so I emailed them about possibly making a net for the 80 series. I have been trading emails with "Eddie" and he thinks the model they have for the LR Discovery would be a perfect fit.

So, for the tech part, what is the consensus, if any, of using something like this to keep the cargo in the back over say the doggy divider? In general I strap anything heavy to the floor of the 80 (tubs with tools, etc) so the net would really only need to keep sleeping bags and light stuff from sliding forward. In the event of a roll over, well hopefully the stuff strapped to the floor stays put. I don't have drawers FWIW.

Also, would any other 80 series owners (or 4Runner owners) be interested in a net? Eddie has offered to sell me a net and if it doesn't fit I can return it. He also offered a little bit of a discount/refund if I take pictures of the net installed that he can post up but I still have to front the cost for the net first. If others are interested and the sucker fits/works then I can check with Eddie on a group buy.

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