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Default Navajo Mountain

I received this from Jack, a fellow ham we met on one of our Hole in the Rock trips.

"The repeater you mention is the one on Navajo Mountain. It's probably the most predominant land feature along Lake Powell (to the South West). It serves pretty much all of the Lake Powell area including Page, AZ. The frequenty is 146.90 minus offset. There's no PL tone to my knowledge.
However, be advised that it may be temporarily off the air. I was in the Lake Powell area doing some wheeling last weekend and the repeater would not kerchunk.

For other repeaters in Utah you might want to check out the Utah VHF Society's website:

There are repeaters on the Henry Mtn range, the Abajo Mountain range (Montecello area) and many are linked. The UVHS website can give you lots of details.

Good luck and 73,

Jack KD7NX"

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